Friday, March 25, 2011

Will 2011 be the year of Joomla?

Over the last week Joomla (see our joomla review), the enormously popular open source CMS, was downloaded for the 22 millionth time.

22 million is definitely an  incredible number to achieve, but that’s not the only impressive number they’ve been able to boast about

Here are some others:
  • The number of extensions (essentially applications for Joomla) has grown nearly 20% in a little over 4 months.
  • 2 months after the launch of Joomla 1.6, the new CMS has already been downloaded almost 1 million times
  • reached 7.5 million visitors in February, representing a 25% growth in Web traffic over a 4 month period
Impressive stats indeed. Joomla currently powers about 2.7 % of all websites on the net and has seen huge growth since the release of 1.6.

What are you experiences with Joomla? Do you consider it the #1 choice for content management? We’d love to hear your experience and thoughts in the comments below.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Innovative content is part of a web design

Web design is a term which is used to cover the whole content that is delivered to a user using the web browser.
Web design is a term which is used to cover the whole content that is delivered to a user using the web browser. There are agencies which design websites for their buyers on orders and help their buyers to communicate with other agencies or organizations. Web design Dublin is one such digital agencies with website designers who design there customer’s websites according to their requirements.

A digital agency is a business which offers services like the technical development of products which are sold on internet. These services may include web design, micro sites, viral campaigns and search engine optimization. A digital agency is different from the other type of marketing agencies in a sense that marketing agencies provide offline work quite rarely. Marketing agencies on the other hand provide there customers with work by the help of outside sources.

Web designs have become a necessity for all type of businesses, whether bigger or smaller. There is a need of having a complete and continuous link with the outer world to remain updated and to change with the passing time. Due to changing and developing world there is an ever increasing trend of using websites for the sake of promotion of different products and services of a company. There are digital agencies with competent and intelligent web designers who are ready for your help. You just need to tell them your specific needs about the type of web design and in less then a week or so they would come up with your websites in a complete form.

A web design includes the structure of website plus the information architecture, navigation systems and schemes, layouts and there is consistent post of items and the functional features along with the conceptual designs. Each website needs to have a clear strategy so that it is visible to every one what they really want to achieve.

Web design Dublin is an opportunity for such people who want to run there own small businesses and bring there sites to full fruition. Web design Dublin may turn there websites into a complete e-commerce application. Basically web design Dublin is an agency present in Dublin (Ireland) and may easily be able to serve the people in Dublin or anywhere near in Ireland. This web design Dublin agency has the ability to completely optimize its customer’s site to be a search engine friendly and at the same time helps to install new email.

Today is the age of Computers and there is nearly no trend of using door to door marketing activities. People are moving towards the digital world and to attract customers, internet is the one of the best option. Web design is the only way of attracting more and more customers towards your product and at the same time have long term relations with them because internet is the best mode of communication today.
Web design is a key to gain profit and web design Dublin may turn out to be a preferred choice to get it.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Life Word

Life Word Illusion
Do you notice that the letters appear to be skewed?

Which Way Do You Spin… Left Brain or Right Brain?

Which way is the dancer spinning… clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Most people will see her turning counter-clockwise, which apparently means you’re more left brained (logical). I see her spinning that way, and it’s at first almost impossible to imagine her going clockwise. But it happens, usually by focusing or when something unexpectedly alters your perception.

Which Way Do You Spin… Left Brain or Right Brain?

Here’s the typical run down on left versus right brain:


uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies


uses feeling
“big picture” oriented
imagination rules
symbols and images
present and future
philosophy & religion
can “get it” (i.e. meaning)
spatial perception
knows object function
fantasy based
presents possibilities
risk taking

Many people associate the right brain with creativity and lateral thinking, and there’s certainly something to that. Our left brains create structures that can act as barriers to alternative solutions and perspectives.

But your left brain plays a crucial role in creativity as well. Seeing logical associations between seemingly unrelated things is a hallmark of creativity. And the critical-thinking skills necessary to tell a good idea from a bad one are pretty important too.

So… tell us which way your dancer spins for you in the comments. And weigh in with your opinion about the right brain versus left brain for creativity… isn’t it a really a “whole mind” thing?
His art is extremley unique and very amazing. This guy makes
his paintings on the footpaths and pavements but when you
look at them from a certain angle, they appear to be 3D !!!
And in some cases they are just lifelike!

I strongly feel that everybody should know about such an
amazing artist and get a chance to praise his unique art!

Here is the Painting of Globe in the middle of the road
Image Hosted by

Looks like someone put a 3D globe in the middle of
the road ! But this is actually painted on the road
in such a strerched manner that when viewed from
this angle, It look 3D!

Look at the same painting from a different angle -

Image Hosted by

Now can you see the trick ???

Extreme Reading

Ignore the fact that the subject paragraph on the left is badly mangled. Try reading it through anyway.

Glowing and scintillating

Shift your gaze around this brilliant picture... You may see ghost discs glowing at the intersection points of the bars while clear bright spots pop up in their middle..

Glowing and scintillating illusion

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gray Fuzz

Gray Fuzz Illusion
Do you see gray areas in between the squares?

Now where did they come from?

Black and White Horse

What you can see in this image, is it a black horse or a white horse. There are multiple horses in this image black as well as white.

Black and White Horse Illusion

Words Colour Name Illusion

Words Colour Name Illusion

Say aloud the ink color of each word. How quickly can you do it? Did you slow down?
Look at the chart above and say the colour not the word,
Left Right Conflict,
Your right brain tries to say the color but
Your left brain insists on reading the word.

Drunken Effect Lady Illusion

oppps.... this picture is really so disturbing .How much time you can stare this pic? I can't even see this properly it makes me Confused and feel like i am drunk. m i had a drunk or is you have drunken?
Drunken Effect Lady Illusion

Hidden Elephant Illusion

Can you spot the hidden Animal in this illusion, yeah there is an Elephant some where in the image try to find out it.
Hidden Elephant Illusion

The Human Impact

As humans, we take almost everything for granted. We are extremely wasteful, and instead of evolving and living in harmony with nature, we change nature and have a huge impact on the environment. Some steps can be taken to change the impact we have and we need to start looking at ourselves, not just as individuals but as a society. 
Humans have a huge impact on both fauna and flora. From simply using the seas to search for oil sites, we have had a dramatic effect on the feeding patterns of whales. Something more dramatic as the recent BP oil spill is threatening an entire species. Sit and think about the things we are doing and have done around the world from introducing species, clearing out natural habitats, greenhouse emissions and even every day things such as driving to and from work. Humans need to make some huge changes to the way we treat the world.
Humans can take simple steps to improve the state of the natural world. We simply do not need to cut down trees, drill for oil, build new roads while destroying forests or have such a high carbon emission level. We could easily cut down on these things, most of which are for material gain and are never out of necessity. We need to change the focus from ourselves and change it outwards to the rest of the world.
If we change our focus from ourselves, we can make a huge impact. What people do not realize, is that the effect we have one the rest of the world, in turn has a huge impact on us individually. If we stop creating consumer demand for self satisfaction, we will stop the impact on the environment, stop damaging ecosystems through collections of materials and so forth. Every animal and plant in the world has an impact on the functioning and harmony of the world, in turn having an impact on is, either instantly significant or progressive.
We really need to wake up, and smell the roses. We are having such a huge impact we don't realize it, and through simple steps and by changing the focus from ourselves to the rest of the world, we can make planet earth a better place to live. Somewhere that was once a lush beautiful natural world.

Moving word illusion | The word P illusion

You might have seen many illusion which moving either ways but this is little different, focus on the picture closely and me know the difference :-)

Moving and waving word illusion

Trompe l'oeil Ad

This is an ad for ramen in the causeway Bay Station in Hong Kong. I love this kind of art. I would love to see this from a angle that reveals how distorted this image needs to be to get this one perfect view.

optical illusion

Real Impossible Construction?

This optical illusion is very well done. Can you guess the exact nature of this construction.

Hint: Not all seemingly 90 degree angles are even close to 90 degrees.

optical illusion

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Affordable SEO consultant

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Building Valuable Backlinks

Search engine optimization mainly includes on-page and off- page optimization. Building valuable backlinks is a part of off page optimization strategy. High quality backlinks have the potential to increase a websites ranking in the SERPs.

Backlinks are considered valuable when they:

  • are do follow
  • contain the appropriate anchor text,
  • are deep linked to the relevant inner pages,
  • are linked from high PR niche websites

How to Build Valuable Backlinks:

  1. Perform A Competitive Analysis - Competitive analysis allows you to scrutinize the competitors' backlinks and their link profiles. Run a Google search for your target keyword and list the top 20 competitors. Capitalize on the Yahoo! Search Explorer tool to determine the backlinks for each of the top competing websites. Use an Excel spreadsheet to make a list of all the backlinks providing websites. The next step is to shortlist the do follow websites from the list. Arrange them in the descending order of their PR. At the end of this procedure, you will have a list of highly valuable do follow websites to link from.
  3. Submit URLs to Search Directories - Search directories are of two types: general and niche directories. Backlinks from niche directories are normally considered more valuable than the backlinks from general directories. Most of the search directories take months to process your linking request. There are some directories which link back within a few days. Websites which build a high number of backlinks in a few days are looked upon suspiciously by Google. The best way to build backlinks is over a period of time to avoid getting tagged as a link spammer. SubmittĂ­ng a website's URL to directories is a time consuming task but provides great results at the end. 
  5. Submit Articles to Article Directories - Submitting articles to article directories is a very popular approach to link building. Most of the article directories allow you to include a link in the article. You can also add a link to the author description of the article with appropriate anchor text. Article directories are known to rank well in the search engine ranking pages. An added benefit of submittĂ­ng to article directories is the traffic it drives to your website. There are a large number of high quality article directories which accept free article submission. Simply sign up, verify your account and start submitting articles. 
  7. Post in Forums - Forums initially served as a means of conversing and solving queries. Today forums are also used to obtain valuable backlinks to your website. A majority of forums allow a signature link at the bottom of every post. This signature link is a do-follow link. You can select the desired anchor text and link to any important inner page of your website. There are a few forums which allow you to enter more than one signature link. Just remember to participate in the conversation, ask questions and answer those of others.
  9. Create Link Bait - Link bait involves creating compelling content on the website which makes others link to it. You should write frequently and consistently to develop a following. Keep tab on the latest happenings and news in your niche; be among the first few to break the news online. To create that perfect link bait, your articles should contain news, updates, a controversial topic or even some great resources. Keep the information quotient of your articles high and watch the link baits pouring in.

If you want other websites and blogs to link to you, double check who you are linking too. Don't be in a rush to get backlinks. A handful of good quality and authoritative backlinks are worth more than a hundred low quality, low PR backlinks.

Whats the story

First, thanks for all of the kind words that you sent after my second appearance on The Nate Berkus Show, and the lovely birthday wishes. I appreciate each and every message.
My friend, Lisa, sent me a story from the Guardian, called Anatomy of a Style: Vintage. It’s about a house furnished in vintage finds and treasures. It is clear that the owner of the house, a set designer in London, has collected the pieces over the years.


She could probably tell you a story about almost each and every piece that she has in her house.  As she found different items, she added them one at a time, bit by bit, until the house became what it is today. Each piece contains a memory. She brought the tiles behind the sink back from a trip to India, and collected the scuffed mirrors. It is a deeply personal space.

Following the article, the paper listed places that you could find similar things. That got me to thinking about this house, and then about my house and of course, your house.
Do the things in your house tell a story? Can you walk through the place and remember the time and place that you found certain items? If so, what will the story be?


There is nothing wrong with places like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, and the items they have on offer might be things that you love. But I think that there’s a huge difference between going to Pottery Barn and buying a piece of furniture, and hunting around around an old barn sale and buying a piece of furniture. You will remember that day and circumstance longer than you will remember a trip to the mall.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ben Heine - Pencil Vs Camera!

I could have called it "Drawing Vs Photography" or "Imagination Vs Reality"...

Thank you all for the great feedbacks you sent me.

This series is new and growing EVERY WEEK (I intend to make at least 100 PvsC works), please come back again to see more.

All the graphic elements shown in this set (and in my Flickr stream) come from my own stock/production. I drew the sketches, took the photos, edited them

Video gives your website the edg


Video gives your website the edge and shows potential clients what you are offering quickly and easily and now we can embed your youtube or google video (or any other video sharing website) within your own website.

A good example of this is here

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website packages

Sunday, September 19, 2010

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