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Flash tips

1) Label each of the layers.This helps as the Flash movie starts growing.

2) It will be much useful to convert shapes into symbols insteading of redrawing them
each time.The symbols can be dragged from the library each time we need a new
one.Also,utilise the colour effects pop-up to change the appearance of the symbols

3)Switch to Outlines mode to speed up Flash when working with complex animations.

4)To add a pre-loader later,leave a few blank frames at the start of your movie.

5)Provide a 'skip intro' option from the start when using a Flash intro in a HTML

Web design ideas

Hi creative minds. This is an important tip for every web designers who make their dreams into the web page. Your web page may look fantastic and more attractive. There are only few viewers who will look into your page. Make your page optimized so that it gets loaded within 15 seconds. But if it takes more time to load then the viewer will lose their patience and there is a chance of skipping your page.
The page will take more time to load when you use more images. Few more tips to make your page more optimized.
  1. Reduce number of images
  2. Images should be optimized for the web
  3. Use Tables effectively and creatively
  4. Avoid the use of animated gifs
  5. Make simple icons
  6. Wherever possible try using background images instead of large images
  7. Make use of CSS Styles
  8. Use Flash carefully
  9. Mostly use HTML to design your page
  10. Checkout your loading time

The Web Development Blog is moving!

As some of you have heard, I'm leaving University Marketing and Communications, and will be doing freelance Web design and consulting. But that doesn't mean I'll stop blogging. It just means that I'm moving the blog to a new location at

For the past month I've been cross-posting entries to both locations, and am now ready to shift things over to a new site which includes the Web Development Blog as well as a project portfolio and other information related to my Web development background and philosophy. There you will be able to see which social media services I use—and why, peruse what I've been reading in the blogosphere and, of course, continue reading my blog entries on Web development, marketing and related subjects.

I will continue to post on an array of topics geared to academic, corporate and non-profit Web developers, bloggers, content managers, marketers and anyone else with an interest in the Web.
Articles will include the usual mix of content, marketing, social media and code such as:

    * 5 Tips to ensure your readers can read your HTML e-mail messages
    * Converting Word documents to HTML
    * Copy Writing: Long vs. Short, Does it Matter?
    * Don't build your Web site in a vacuum
    * Flickr: Tags, Groups, Interestingness and Social Networking

You can also expect a few marketing entries about the move, as I learn how long it takes to rebuild readership in the new location. Hopefully it will be an interesting case study.

Google Custom Search in a Lightbox!

There are several tutorials on the Internet on how-to integrate the Google Custom search in your static website, but the results are not very attractive. The older iframe version doesn’t fit perfectly in most of our templates and the style for ads and results doesn’t look good in the past. A few month Google has released some nice new features:
  • Custom search element placements
  • Custom styles and themes using CSS
  • Promotions, set your own premium results for specific search queries
  • A new AJAX powered CSE using the Google AJAX API loader
With all these new features the CSE (Custom Search Engine) becomes very attractive to use it on your own site as site search. In this tutorial we show you how-to add the custom search feature to you site using jQuery, the Thickbox plugin and the AJAX API provided by Google. To do this a result page is not necessary anymore, we show only a search box somewhere on a particular website.

Including the Google API, jQuery and the Thickbox plugin

First include the following rows to your page HEAD, you need to add them on every page where you like to show the search box.
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.3.2.min.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="thickbox.css" type="text/css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="thickbox.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
To use the Google API you need to register an API key for your website, request a key here.

HTML code for the search box

Below the simple HTML code for the search form and the container for the results. Place both somewhere on your webpage.
<div id="searchcont">
 <label for="query_input">Search Query: </label>
 <input type="text" id="query_input" />
 <input type="button" value="ok" id="searchbtn" />
<div id="resultcont">
 <div id="title" style="visibility:hidden;"><a href="#">Close</a></div>
 <div id="results"></div>

jQuery code snippet

The following JS code will load the Google API and if the user has clicked the search button the customSearchControl is initiated, the Thickbox is called, the title inside the Thickbox becomes visible, the result element is prepared and at last the input element value is executed for the search query. Add this code in your page’s HEAD surrounded by some script tags.
google.load('search', '1');
$(document).ready(function() {
 $("#searchbtn").click(function () {
  var customSearchControl = new'UNIQUE_CSE_ID');
  tb_show("", "#TB_inline?height=480&width=800&inlineId=resultcont&modal=true");
  $('#title').css("visibility", "visible");   
  var drawOptions = new;
  customSearchControl.draw(document.getElementById("results"), drawOptions);
 $("#title a").click(function () {
  $('#title').css("visibility", "hidden");   
The other click event is used to hide the Thickbox, the event will hide the title and hides also the results. The last action is needed because we show an inline element, if we don’t hide the content the results are still visible after the Thickbox is closed.
That’s all, simple or not? The code above needs of course some styling. I used a slightly modified version for my network site search on this blog. If you search for “wordpress” you see the “Web promotion” feature I mentioned above.

Development Opening

 looking for a highly motivated individual to join me full-time. Applicant must be determined, creative, and have a solid understanding of PHP. They will be responsible for designing, coding, testing, debugging, documenting, and supporting web sites and applications. They should be highly organized and capable of managing multiple projects and priorities simultaneously if needed. This is an excellent opportunity for an ambitious individual to become part of a small team with plenty of opportunity. Qualified freelance developers will also be considered.
Required Skills:
  • At least one year of development experience using PHP
  • Ability to write hand-coded, cross-browser compatible, standards compliant XHTML and CSS
  • Experience with XML, Javascript, and AJAX
  • Ability to become proficient in new languages quickly
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience with ASP.Net
  • User interface and graphics skills
  • Understanding of SEO principles
  • SQL and database design experience
  • Basic understanding of Apache

E-mail marketing software, which is the best for you?

If you search Google for E-mail marketing software you will find a lot of services and I’m sure a lot of them have great features and are worth the money. The pricing for 1000 mail messages is often very similar and most of them offer a back-end which makes it easy to setup a mailing list and marketing campaigns.

If you search Google for E-mail marketing software you will find a lot of services and I’m sure a lot of them have great features and are worth the money. The pricing for 1000 mail messages is often very similar and most of them offer a back-end which makes it easy to setup a mailing list and marketing campaigns.
If all of them have similar features, how do choose the right one?

Some important features

  • Creating a mailing list takes a lot of time and might be essential for your e-mail marketing success. While collecting subscribers and sending e-mail messages, it’s important that as many messages as possible have to reach the subscribers mailbox. Bigger companies are more trusted and invest more time an money to prevent that their mail servers are getting black-listed.
  • If your list is not very big and you don’t have a lot of campaigns, your partner should offer pre-paid plans. If you take a monthly plan, check that the maximum amount of subscribers is not to big.
  • If you’re not able to create all the forms and templates, you need a service provider which offer these features out of the box. If you have an international list or campaigns, multiple languages should be supported.
  • A better service provider let you follow strict usage policies. If you need to create campaigns for your existing list, check if the list is fully accepted  On the other side, if the service provider accept any kind of mailing list and or campaign, it might be possible that their mail servers are black-listed frequently.
  • All services should offer double opt-in features for your subscriptions. Check if you are able to send an auto-respond message to your subscribers.

Graphic Stew – Graphic Design Book Review

The Designer’s Graphic Stew is a graphic design book I have been kindly given and asked to review. I checked with the company that gave it to me to make sure that were happy that I give my honest opinion and they said they were so here goes -

What is Graphic Stew

Graphic Stew is a book which basically breaks up design elements that you would have on the printed page and shows you lots of different things you can do with them. For example there are pages devoted to possible grid systems, colour pallettes, typeface combinations and options amongst many other items. At the beginning of the book there is also a very good grounding into page layout and good composition that would be ideal for newbies.

First Impressions of Graphic Stew

I have to admit my first impressions of Graphic Stew were not good. The cover was ok but inside the layout and style is very dated, I am not sure if this is intentional as they are playing on the idea of a menu or recipe book. I even turned to look at the first print date as I expected it to be the nineties – but read on the content was better than the look.

What’s Good about the Graphic Stew Design Book

Are you ever working on a design and get stuck in a rut with your layout or trying to get something to look a bit different then Graphic Stew could help you be a little bit more experimental. I know personally that layout for layouts sake is not my favourite thing (I prefer conceptial work) so when a client gives me some text and a few pics I sometimes sit and sketch and think ummm… what can I do different with it this time. This is where Graphic Stew could come in handy, perhaps for a bit of inspiration for a way I could use typography for a blown quote or a heading maybe using a leading symbol or an abstract background. The elements in Graphic Stew may not be works af art (or to be copied directly) in themselves but there to stimulate your creative brain to try out new things. Those small things that can make a difference to your design work are covered too – like different ways of styling folios on your pages.

Graphic Design Examples in Graphic Stew

Nearer the back of the Graphic Stew book are actual pieces of design work with an explanation to the layouts. This is a bit of a mixed bag again, with some of the work looking quite dated.

Should you buy Graphic Stew

If you want a graphic design book which is something you can flick through when you are stuck for what to do on a page layout this book is well worth checking out. If however you are looking for a graphic design book with beautiful typography and imagery this is not the book for you.
Examples of page indexing
graphic stew design book
Examples of page grids
graphic stew design book

ipad Pdf – How to Transfer and Read Pdf Files on your ipad

I have just recently got an ipad and I was trying to work out the best ipad pdf reader, plus how to transfer my existing pdf ebooks to my ipad (as my little UBS converter has not yet arrived). One common suggestion seemed to be to email them to yourself, but really I wanted a way to organise the pdfs once they were on my ipad too. I found a solution which seems to work quite well.
1. Go to your Google Docs Account (or open up a free google account if you haven’t already got one). Google docs now lets you upload pdfs so you can read them online which is pretty neat. You can upload all your pdf ebooks and organise them into folders. Slight problem though, this is great if you have an internet connection, but what about if you don’t. This is where the Good reader App comes in.
2. The Good Reader App lets you link up to your Google docs account and download any PDFs from there to your Ipad. You can then organise them into folders and read them whenever you want without an internet connection. The Good Reader App has a nicer interface than google docs for reading your PDFs too. Of course you can easily delete PDFs from your IPad when you have read them too (while still keeping a copy in Google docs)
Good reader App

Fairy Eyes


Why NetBeans IDE 6.9 is An Awesome Editor

Earlier today the release of NetBeans IDE 6.9 was announced. After several beta builds and release candidates the final version of NetBeans 6.9 was released around 10:30 AM CEST. In this blog we'll look at several new options present in NetBeans 6.9. The focus will be on PHP or web development related options since those are the ones we use most ourselves. Some of the great new options include the following, which will be explained in more detail later:
  • PHP Zend Framework support
  • New formatter with many formatting rules
  • Refactoring and find usages for CSS and HTML-like languages
  • INI files support available
NetBeans 6.9 loading screen

Text editors and IDEs used by FinishJoomla

About half a year ago a remarkable event took place. All three developers of FinishJoomla switched their IDE to NetBeans within two days. Each of us three was using a different IDE at that time, and like most developers, we were defending it pretty fiercely as being the best out there. What caused us to switch from our beloved IDE to NetBeans in less than 48 hours? To explain that properly, we should have a look at the IDEs and text editors we were using before NetBeans:
Zend Studio 5 (commercial): Zend Studio 5 was a great product in terms of PHP development related options, and general usability. Options such as code completion, projects and syntax checking took our PHP development capacities to a whole new level.
Zend Studio for Eclipse (commercial): in our opinion these were inferior releases compared to Zend Studio 5. Despite having several new options and being built on the Eclipse engine, it took an enormous hit in performance. For example: completing a single PHP function name could take up to several seconds, which made code completion a virtually useless option in these releases.
Crimson Editor (open source): my personal favorite a couple years ago. It was (and still is) a superlight editor that actually fits on a floppy disk! Despite missing several interesting features, it generally took care of the job. Considering there was only one minor release in the past six years, and the system requirements speak about Windows 95, I do not see a bright future for this editor.
Dreamweaver (commercial): the former favorite code editor of our designer and front-end developer. Mainly the completion of HTML and CSS tags created a strong liking for this product. However, its commercial nature and bloated application style eventually were two of the main reasons to step away from this product.
Notepad++ (open source): despite not having 'the looks' for 'the big name', this is one of the best text editors out there. It is extremely lightweight, fast, stable and available in over 10 different foreign languages. What we personally love most about this product is how it handles character encodings. Even when there is no explicit notion of character encoding in the document, Notepad++ correctly identifies which character encodings is used. In a world that is becoming more international every day, this is an important feature that many other text editors out there lack.

And then there's NetBeans...

  • Superfast loading: to give you an idea how fast: the screenshot of the loading screen you see above actually took me three times to capture. Yes, it is that fast!
  • PHPUnit: NetBeans comes with integrated PHPUnit support. Creating a unit test for a file takes only a couple clicks, and you can link the test to the file so you can easily retrieve and edit it later.
  • Subversion: there is an integrated Subversion client in NetBeans. This means you can commit, update, merge, revert and to all the other things you want with SVN without leaving NetBeans.
  • Local history: NetBeans automatically keeps a local history of all the files you save. That way you will never lose a single edit you made to a file within the period you specified to keep a local history for.
  • File diff: comparing two files to each other feels intuitive and user-friendly. Just take a look at the screenshot below, and you will immediately know what changes I made to the file.
NetBeans 6.9 file diff on Joomla index.php

What is new in NetBeans 6.9 for PHP

A scala of new features was added to NetBeans 6.9. Below we will review some of the most important changes relating to PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and general changes which are not directly linked to a specific scripting language.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Values of Constants: you can now view the value of the constant in both the navigator window in the code completion window. This applies to both global constants and class constants as well.
  • INI files support available: INI files can now be edited with syntax highlighting and checking in NetBeans. This is an interesting feature because many packages rely on INI files for their configuration.

Personal experience

With this new release NetBeans means proves once again that it is a superior IDE for editing PHP files and coding in other web languages. Aside from all the major improvements listed above I already noticed that NetBeans has fixed two relatively small issues that have been bothering me in version 6.8.
The first fixed issue is that now it's possible to click away the initial sub window in the version output. The second is that is now finally possible to click next to line numbers and drag your mouse up or down to select specific lines. This was a feature present in Crimson Editor and Notepad++ for years and I really loved, but was not present in NetBeans until now. Considering I have been using NetBeans 6.9 for less than a day now, I am sure I will find many more improved features along the way!
Please tell me what your thoughts are about the latest release of NetBeans

Easy Custom Web Typography with Google Fonts API View the article

The world of web typography is advancing with leaps and bounds. Already we have the options of SiFR, Cufon, Typekit, @font-face and now, Google has introduced their own custom font  Web Designing service under the Google Font API. Let’s take a look at what the Google Font API is and how you can use it in your own web designs.

Super Cool CSS Flip Effect with Webkit Animation

There’s some seriously cool transform and animation effects available through the webkit engine that can really spice up the web experiences for users with the Safari browser. Here’s a quick look at how the rotateY property can produce a flip effect, and how it can be used to create a super cool Transformers themed top trumps design.

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Website Design – Designed for Traffic & Search

Your website design is the first and possibly last thing your visitors will see when assessing your business. So, it is important to put your best foot forward and (a) create relevance for your content as well as (b) ensure that your pages are formatted properly. Sure, you can find information that pertain. 

SEO Web Design Tips
Leaving no stone unturned is the nature of SEO, sometimes, you need to go back and look for opportunities to republish useful information for those who may have missed it the first time. This is one of those informative post from the past that we would like to share. Click the image above to read

SEO Web Design Revisited
Its time to bring back the timeless concept of “superb design” ; the synergy of fusing SEO, web development and web design to appease search engine spiders with proper content, code and html etiquette. This collection of posts from the past, discuss site architecture, alt text optimization,  code-bloat (the concept of search engines

SEO, Content or Conversion
One of the biggest coin tosses when it comes to websites, SEO and consumers is do I build my site for content or conversion? The type of website you build (lean, stark and mean or robust and authoritative) depends on (a) the anticipated volume of content (b) the topic or topics covered (c) how prominent

Clueless SEO Companies offering SEO Services

Search engine optimization is as clear, cut and dried as it gets, clueless SEO companies should not offer services. SEO either works and produces tangible results (which is relevant traffic), or it does not. There are no gray areas such as -”a sort of kind of but not really metric”… There are only ten spots [...]

abused SEO strategy

A few years ago link building was the rave of the day and probably the single most used and abused SEO strategy – people were swapping links, buying links, selling links, and breathing links.
Is link building the sole factor that the search engines take into account?
And for good reason – the majority of the search en tended to award the websites that had most backlinks, no matter how these links were obtained. 
Welcome to the SEO Design Solutions Blog. Feel free to read our SEO Tips, or subscribe to our  to receive daily updates. Or if you're searching for SEO services
Advertising Design Advertising in any medium is about making a positive impact on the target minds with novel ideas and good creative output. A good design service will surely make big impact on the brand image of the products and make the marketing communication initiative a success. It may be delivered in motion, print or visual medium. Any good creative output will help us to create a brand loyalty to the products /services.
You should sign with good advertising design specialist to drive your company's creative advertising and to make an everlasting experience on the consumer minds.

You corporate brand identity can be elevated by the working hands and minds of good creative designers. Our designers have over a decade of real-world online advertising and marketing experience, across a wide array of markets.

Banner Advertising Design

Banner ads are an inexpensive and cost effective medium for taking advantage of the benefits of the Internet branding and marketing.

An excellent medium to tap the target audience and to create excellent brand awareness.

Banners by are custom designed ad banners of professional quality and are optimized to load quickly and meet the requirements of your marketing goals.

Click to see banner gallery to see our design capabilities.

Email Advertising Design

We design and develope custom designed email ads that will convert readers into buyers.
We have experienced designer to make your emailed design a thumping success with good creative sense.

reative brochure design services for both India and also to UK, USA and Singapore Clients

Ultimate Creators  Multimedia is a Brochure Design Company in Chennai, India. We have given our creative brochure design services for both India and also to UK, USA and Singapore Clients. We at Mayuri Multimedia take every step seriously to make sure that you not just get a brochure, but a powerful marketing tool for your business. Brochures play a vital role in projecting your company activities and it is a main source of business. A website can speak in detail about your corporate image, but a good brochure not only speaks more about your products and services, but also gives a life to your business.
   1. Points to Note
   2. Project Corporate Image
   3. Brochure Content – Very Important
   4. Stand Away From Your Competitors
   5. Inputs Required for Brochure Design
   6. Other Services

01. Points to Note

Before you start working on the brochure design, you need to keep in mind the following aspects:
  1. Who is your Target Audience?
  2. Does your brochure carry Company Vision and Mission?
  3. What are you trying to achieve by issuing this brochure?
  4. Does Brochure really matters for your kind of business?
  5. What would be the media of distribution for these printed brochures?
02. Project Corporate Image
Brochure for any organization produces a corporate image. Do you think client would like to touch the brochure design which is not professionally appealing? Never, so why not contact Mayuri to get your brochure designed in a more professional way, so that your client may love to hold your brochure, read the content, and show interest in your products and services.

03. Brochure Content – Very Important
The content which needs to be placed in the brochure should lively speak about your business. It shouldn’t say stories about your business rather it can say how the client is going to get benefited from your product and services. You may always highlight your brochure content in bulleted format. You can start with a small 3 liner paragraph and continue your script with bulleted points. This style of writing would help the reader to quickly look into and understand the context of the brochure.

04. Stand Away From Your Competitors
There can be two things happening with your brochure. Number one; it can be thrown away into the dustbin OR number two it can act as powerful selling machine. And it is you how you wanted to get your brochure to be treated. So we at Mayuri would never work on standard readymade templates. We always understand your business, get the questionnaire filled from you and then start working on the brochure designs.

05. Inputs Required for Brochure Design
Apart from brochure design we do the following design and printing services.
  1. Brief about your business
  2. Brochure questionnaire filled by decision maker
  3. Well written and crisp content without any errors
  4. High resolution and creative photographs
06. Other Services
Apart from brochure design we do the following design and printing services.
  1. Bi-Fold Brochure Design
  2. Tri-Fold Brochure Design
  3. Corporate Folder Design
  4. Flyer Design
  5. Inserts Design
  6. Catalogue Design
  7. Leaflet Design
  8. Booklet Design

Web Development Company Chennai India

Ultimate Creators Multimedia is Web Development Company Chennai India. We provide and end-to-end solutions for all your web development needs. Website Design and Web Development is so important to that of human eyes. Just a static website without dynamic elements would just be a show case. On the other hand a very good dynamic website without a clean and professional design would not have a good reach. So in short both web design and web development needs to be taken care very seriously.

We at Ultimate Creators Multimedia engage ourselves in the following Web Development activities:

01. PHP Development
02. Web Portal Development
03. Job Portal Development
04. Matrimony Portal Development
05. Real Estate Portal Development
06. Content Management System
07. E-Commerce Website Development
08. Payment Gateway Integration

Web Development Process

01. Requirement Analysis
02. Building Specification
03. Design and Development
04. Content Writing
05. Website Coding
06. Testing
07. Promotion
08. Maintenance & Updations

01. Requirement Analysis
The requirement analysis is the first step that we take into consideration during the web development process. We need to get into the nerves of the client to understand their requirement in detail. We prepare Minutes of the Meeting (MOM) along with our Scope & Understanding on the project, Assumptions, Clarifications and suggestions on each project. Client would provide their inputs on these points and from there we take things forward.

02. Building Specification
Spec building is a very important aspect in dealing with dynamic project. After analysing the requirement, we normally provide the spec of the project. If it is website development project, then we take into consideration the overall structure of the site, graphic user interface, navigation structure, front end and back end tools to be used etc., Once this is done, we proceed towards preparing the proposal which would include, project outline, project cost and schedule for the project delivery.

03. Design and Development
Once the project is declared and the initial deposit has been done, we start working on the prototype design for the website. During the process, there would be some suggestions from both the end on various design elements. We normally give options of two prototype design to the clients and once that is selected we proceed with html conversion for the same.
The next step would be inserting the content for static pages and start working on the dynamic part of the website on other hand.

04. Content Writing
Content writing plays a very important role in website development life cycle. We have very professional and experienced content writers who can write content based on each industry. Spell check and grammar check would be done and then implemented into the web pages.

05. Website Coding
Its time for us now when the website designer and the developer would work hand in hand to make this project a success. Developer would implement the code into the design without disturbing the design. And the designer on other hand would closely work with the developer and supply all the design elements needed

06. Website Testing
Now the testing team would come in to the scene and start their work to make the website development project an error free website. Testing team would have the bug tracking system in place and keep shooting the errors available with the application and on other hand both designers and developers would fix all the errors available with application.

07. Website Promotion
Once the website project is complete and now its time for us to spend some time on making this website available with various search engines. The website elements should be optimized in such a way that it is getting listed in various major search engines like Google, yahoo, MSN, Bing and other search engines. Top ranking keywords and Meta Tags need to be inserted in all the pages of the site.

08. Maintenance & Updations
Website updations need to be done very frequently to keep the website live. Whenever we do the modification on the website, the development life cycle need to be repeated again. For a huge website, it is recommended that you have the Web design,Web development, testing and copywriters in-house to do update the website frequently without time loss.

Chennai a leading web development and Media service provides SEO Service, Chennai a leading web development and Media service provides SEO Service, Web Promotion, Web Marketing, E-Newsletter, Internet Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding and Identity  services.
Search engine optimization is the wonderful concepts, to flash your website in the first few pages of a search engine for a defined set of keywords related to your nature service. Search engine optimization leads to an increase in targeted traffic to your website, which results in more enquires and making more profit in your business.

Process involved in Search Engine Optimization

Website - Search Engine Compatibility

The first step in the process of search engine optimization involves the Web site Review - identification of spider stoppers in a website. These may include broken links, Non-optimized titles, missing tags, non-optimized link structure among other factors.

Industry and keyword Analysis

Websites of competitors, which have undergone search engine optimization sometimes, offer valuable clues with regards to the right keywords to target. Also studying the competition helps us identify and finalize the search engine optimization plan for your website.

Keyword Identification and collections

Many websites in spite of ranking high, do not get enough traffic. This maybe because the keywords that they are targeting may not be the keywords being searched for, on the search engines. Keyword identification is a very important part of search engine optimization and includes researching keywords using various resources in the quest for finding related yet popular phrases.

Page Optimization

This step in the process of search engine optimization involves the actual optimization of your web pages. Here ages will be optimized with regards to tags, link structures, images, body text, and other visible and invisible parts.

Link Exchange

A good link exchange campaign is the key to achieving good rankings. Our link exchange campaigns are human powered, and done completely manually. This step of search engine optimization involves Identifying potential link partners - These are websites which complement your website in content and have a good search engine presence Securing The Link Exchange - This involves contacting the webmasters or site owners and getting our link reciprocated

Manual Submissions to search engines and directories

Manual Submissions to search engines and directories is a process often referred as search engine submissions. Many advertise a quick and simple software or service which helps submit to over 1000 engines for a few dollars, but few tell you that it is the top 10 engines that command over 85% of the internets search engine traffic. Our search engine optimization campaign involves systematic submissions, done manually, to the top search engines and directories

Analysis and Technique

Search engine optimization is a long-term solution to your traffic woes. Our comprehensive search engine optimization packages involve continuous fine tuning of the website based on traffic trends and ranking trends. Search engines often change their algorithms... We tweak your website to compensate of the changes, hence enabling you to stay on top.

Periodic Reporting

We believe in keeping our clients informed about the seo status of the website periodically. Our comprehensive reporting process helps our clients to know about the exact position and performance of the website.

Our search engine optimization packages are customized to fit your requirements and budget. 

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Ultimate Creators create better than think: Web Design Compnay Chennai - India

Ultimate Creators create better than think: Web Design Compnay Chennai - India: "Ultimate Creators have been our hallmark since day-one of our existence. We understand how technology works and what works best for you and ..."

Web Design Compnay Chennai - India

Ultimate Creators have been our hallmark since day-one of our existence. We understand how technology works and what works best for you and deliver the Ultimate creative solutions with the help of the best creative minds in the industry. Right from a simple web presence for your company to the complex task of building a brand, we are there to serve you with design solutions that cut costs and make your investments worthwhile. Graphics, Navigation, Typography, Sound, Color and Content form the core of creative design and we offer an incredibly rich combination of all these for your ultimate user experience.

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Ultimate Creators is an innovative web design Company Chennai Specializing in Web Designing, Logo Branding,Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Promotion and Search Engine Ranking Services

Ultimate creators is the height of creativity when it comes to web designing, logo branding with a touche of excellence added to your product you can be assured of the ultimate creation in the World Wide Web. If you wish to market yourself in the web you can opt for the seo package which provides you with the options of search engine marketing, search engine promotion and search engine ranking services. For ultimate creations look no further than ultimate creators